LaForge is Lance and Joan Berg’s business venture. We separately have spent most of our adult lives running businesses at Renaissance
Festivals and SF/Fantasy conventions, and since marrying in 2015, have put our ventures together, so that we now have several tent operations, and multiple physical buildings with an array of products. Lance has been making swords and other weaponry since 1992, Joan has been making copper roses and art nearly that long, they’ve both been in the games business since around 1994. Finally, not exactly as a business, they’ve been rescuing and fostering tiny kittens since 2017, bottle feeding and finding homes for what now numbers over fifty of them

LaForge Weapons features¬† both a variety of commercially produced blades, and “combat ready” blades made by Lance. LaForge Weapons can be found
at PARF, the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival, the New Jersey Renaissance Festival, Smithville, the Philadelphia Renaissance Festival, and a
variety of SF/Fantasy conventions.

A subsidiary of LaForge Weapons, Be Steel My Heart focuses more on fantasy and science fiction style weaponry including many officially
licensed products; it is currently located only at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival, where our business simply got too big to fit into
one building, so we divided it up along those lines… these products are found in the normal LaForge Weapons booth at other locations.

Another subsidiary is Duck and Cover, which features latex foam weapons designed for costume and LARP situations where actual metal weaponry is
not wanted, and a variety of steel plate and chain armor, and shields.


Our Family of Shops

Rook’s Gambit

Rook’s Gambit is our toys and games shop, with historically accurate games, and historically or fantasy themed games. In addition to a variety of commercially available games, we also make our own versions of classics that we can’t find elsewhere… and because they fit well into the historical fantasy toys part of the theme, we also carry those latex foam LARP weapons here, and an array of “magic” wands. Rook’s Gambit is featured at PARF and the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival

Redsmith Rose

Redsmith Rose, features handmade copper roses and a wide variety of art made of hammered copper, twisted copper wire, and so forth; this has been Joan’s principle interest since she started at Faires. Redsmith Rose is featured at PARF, The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival, and the New Jersey Renaissance Festival.

Sticks and Stones and Copper Bones

Our latest endeavor is Sticks and Stones and Copper Bones, combining handmade wands in wood, steel, and brass/copper, with gemstones and minerals, and the Redsmith Rose line. This booth is featured only at the Pennsylvania Renaissance festival currently.